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...The future of decentralized Lending!

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Our Features

LendBTC is the future of decentralized lending to allow investors to use their crypto currencies as collateral to get cash instead of selling it and lose their positions as their dream crypto currencies rise in value. LBTC platform will allow crypto investors to deposit and lend cash, BTC and LBTC. LBTC, IBTC and BTC will be used as collateral to borrow cash and crypto currencies that is approved on our platform.

LBTC Centralized lending

Is the way to pay some incentives for the first set of investors that invested in LBTC ICO. 5 million is mapped out to handle that in the first year through lending your LBTC on our platform. all the investors that lend their LBTC will earn 40% - 50% of their investment in 12 calendar months. Which means you will earn 45% - 50? of your stake if you lend for full 12 months. But the contract will end every 100 days to 200 days. Which means you can withdraw your interest as minimum of 100 LBTC.


LBTC affiliate link allow you to earn profitable commissions referring your family, friends and followers. Earn 20 commission if your referral sign up verify their account. this offer is limited to this promo period.

LBTC Decentralized Lending

Lend BTC Decentralized lending is here to disrupt P2P lending to make it flexible for smart traders and swift for newbie investors. First phase is centralized lend while we build the decentralized lending that will allow you to borrow long and short time. Here is the ideas, You can use LBTC, IBTC and BTC worth of $10,000 as collateral to borrow $7000 worth of BTC for short time and use the BTC to invest in another token in our internal exchange.

LBTC token advantage

Those who use LBTC token as their collateral to borrow cash will earn 50% discount against those who use eth, btc and etc. The more people use LBTC to lend the more the value will increase due to low supply.

Why LBTC Decentralized Lending

    Let say for instant your favorite token is in support level or You had there is news coming that will drive the price of the token to let say 20 - 30% in less than 48 hours. The LBTC lending will allow you to do some smart moves in 48 hrs in the market and pay back your loan after you made the moves. You can also take long loan in cash and you can also withdraw your loan in Crypto and trade in other exchange if the token you are interested in is not listed in our internal exchange. LBTC Lending platform will give you the chance to make moves without losing your positions.

LBTC incentives for token holders

    After the platform is fully launch 60% of the profit will be shared with all the LBTC Token Hodlers monthly or quarterly.
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Specifications of LBTC Token

  • Name: LendBTC
  • Symbol: LBTC
  • Decimals: 18
  • Token Total Supply: 30,000,000

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